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November 24, 2008
Boycott Watch in the Sacramento Bee and on KVMR:
"Prop 8 Boycotts are protests against free speech."
Summary: Fred Taub wins the argument when his opponents refused to protect free speech.
    On Election Day 2008, voters in California approved Proposition Eight, a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Since then, gay rights activists have protested and even boycotted those who voted for and even donated to causes to help enact Proposition Eight.

    Monday, November 17, Fred Taub, the President of Boycott Watch was quoted in an article in the Sacramento Bee By Carlos Alcalá titled "Gay leaders wary of boycotting Prop. 8's supporters." Later that evening, Fred Taub was a guest on KVMR 89.5 FM Sacramento's evening news call in program with Brian Bahouth, the News Director for the station. The radio show also featured Bonnie Osborn, a spokesperson for the Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center.

    In the show, Ms. Osborn first stated that she did not sanction such boycotts. Mr. Taub made the point that this was the first time boycotts were used to specifically silent free speech based on the content of that speech, as the boycotts were aimed at the owners of businesses who exercised their own freedom of speech, as was as businesses who had employees who exercised their free speech in support of the political initiative.

    The fact is that this great nation is built on the exercise of free speech, and these boycotts are reminiscent of George Orwell's Animal Farm - all free speech is equal, but some free speech, at least according to Proposition Eight opponents, is more equal than others.

    In the course of the interview, Mr. Taub challenged Ms. Osborn to join him in a joint statement that boycotts against businesses based on the content of their free speech are bad, but she refused. Soon after, Mr. Bahouth, the host, jumped in to join Ms. Osborn to reject the statement, removing himself from the role of objective interviewer by taking a stance on the issue if his guests.

    In this case, these boycotts are based on the denial of free speech. Once again, we remind our readers that Boycott Watch is in no way politically aligned, nor do we take stances on issues. If you read our reports, you will discover that Boycott Watch verifies boycott calls. The only time we take a side is if something is blatantly anti-American or is in violation of US laws.

    In this case, the purpose of these boycotts is to silence free speech and to intimidate people from financial supporting and publicly showing support for any future similar propositions. As such, these boycotts are anti-American and should not be supported.

    At the same time, political boycotts tend to have backlashes - just as strong opponents to Proposition Eight are picketing and boycotting, supporters of Proposition Eight will inherently support such establishments, thus possibly canceling any boycott affect. In the end, the people who wish to deny free speech will most probably discover that they marginalized themselves.

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