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April 29, 2009
Videos show Nazi's lied to U.S. Federal Court.
A Nazi's plan to deceive U.S. courts at taxpayer expense is revealed.
By Fred Taub
Boycott Watch
    Nazi John "Ivan the Terrible" Demjanjuk is no stranger to lying in courts, where he used the defense claim of mistaken identity for his Nazi war crimes even after admitting to being a "different Nazi" as his defense to the Israeli Supreme Court, doing so in order to evade his death penalty sentence. In his recent case regarding deportation to Germany, Nazi Demjanjuk created a virtual soap opera, all of which was caught on video tape. That and family statements reveal the Dept. of Justice was right about Demjanjuk abusing the court to delay his eventual deportation.

    In a last minute appeal requesting a stay to the deportation order, Demjanjuk's lawyers claimed he was too sick to travel, which came soon after Demjanjuk was seen being removed from his house in a wheelchair, in apparent agony, for deportation to Germany via a Gulfstream IV luxury business jet. Later in that same video, Demjanjuk was seen returning home in a pickup truck, which was driven very quickly over the curb and into their garage, closing the door to avoid cameras. The news video has some very curious moments, among them that his house had no wheelchair ramp, a seemingly major issue for a handicapped individual such as he claims to be. Still more curious is how someone restricted to a wheelchair can somehow climb into a pickup truck unaided.

    The answer would soon become apparent. The same news video also featured comments by Nazi Demjanjuk's ex-son in law Ed Nishnik, who had married Demjanjuk's daughter at the height of Demjanjuk's first federal trials, and returned to the case just in time to stand in front of television cameras. In the first video, Ed Nishnick stated: "It could go on for years ... We like the latter, that it could go on for years." Yes, Ed Nishnik publicly revealed the game plan of Demjanjuk - to keep the case in the courts as long as possible, not that we did not already figure that out from all the appeals filed by Demjanjuk's lawyers. In making that statement, Ed Nishnik summarized the case of the U.S. Department of Justice in response to the stay order. DOJ lawyers claim abuse of the legal system by filing endless appeals to block an imminent deportation. At the same time, DOJ lawyers released a video to the media which was part of their court filing. In the video, Demjanjuk is clearly seen walking just fine on a trip to his doctor's office.

    The second video is very revealing. The reason there is no wheelchair ramp at the Nazi Demjanjuk home is that he clearly does not need one, and he obviously has no problem getting into and driving home in a pickup truck, which would be difficult for someone who has such disabling back pain as claimed, hiding from television cameras as he entered his home via the garage.

    Also interesting is the fact that Demjanjuk has a rather nice car for someone who claimed to be indigent years ago when he demanded the U.S. Government, meaning you, me and even Holocaust victims, pick up the bill for his high-priced lawyers. After the video was released, Demjanjuk's doctor said he never claimed Demjanjuk was unable to travel, a statement meant to put the health claims in the lap of Demjanjuk's lawyers, but if that is true, one must wonder why Demjanjuk's doctor remained silent until now. Nishnik also backtracked; first claiming Demjanjuk was not able to move because of severe pain. Later, Nishnick changed his claim to Demjanjuk having good days and bad days. Considering the game plan Nishnik revealed, it is clear he will say anything to delay the case, even if Nishnik is the only person to believe himself.

    Courts do not like when people lie, hence the illegality of perjury, and neither does the public. While public opinion in Cleveland was favorably disposed towards Demjanjuk for many years because the media crafted a fictional tale of a poor, defenseless retiree, the tide has turned. Television stations that once aired videos of Nazi Demjanjuk kissing grandchildren now show man on the street interviews of people calling Demjanjuk a liar clearly healthy enough to travel to Germany and stand trial there.

    As with all Nazis, Demjanjuk took a loyalty oath to Hitler that included obedience until death. Demjanjuk's obvious contempt for the U.S. courts and the American taxpayers indicates he still follows his Nazi oath. Deportation from the U.S. is a minor punishment considering the thousands of people he murdered. Demjanjuk's long overdue deportation from the U.S. could happen at any moment, finally ending a saga built on deceiving the courts, the media, and ultimately the public.


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