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April 23, 2009
Revised April 24, 2009
The Nazi Who Cried Wolf
 U.S. Dept. of Justice says Nazi Demjanjuk's appeals are delay tactics.
Op-ed By Fred Taub
Boycott Watch
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    The difficulty with writing articles about the status of the case of Nazi John "Ivan the Terrible" Demjanjuk is that by the time an article is published, it very well may be outdated because of all the appeals filed on his behalf. The fact is that Nazi Demjanjuk has spent about double the years in court filing appeals than most convicted murderers spend on death row. Now, we find out that Demjanjuk lied again as he cried wolf, this time with false claims about his health.

    I am not against the pursuit of justice. To the contrary - I want justice to be served, preferably with a court conviction for his murderous escapades as a sadistic Nazi death camp guard. Nazi Demjanjuk earned his Ivan the Terrible nickname from the people who watched him take joy in murdering their children, parents and friends by operating a diesel engine to pump engine fumes into rooms packed with Jews. In fact, Nazi Demjanjuk took so much joy in murdering Jews that he was promoted to do the same job in Treblinka, the Nazi death camp built specifically to murder children - yes, it takes a special brand of evil to murder children and Nazi Demjanjuk is that evil incarnate.

    Nazi Demjanjuk is no stranger to lies. His defense in court has been mistaken identity which was proven false in U.S. and Israeli courts. In his recent deportation to Germany which has been continually blocked with appeals, the Demjanjuk family has claimed their patriarch cannot be deported because of health reason, as he has been wheelchair bound and in pain for years. A video from April 6, 2009 was released by a Cleveland television station April 24th which shows Nazi Demjanjuk walking on his own, completely unassisted. The video clearly proves Nazi Demjanjuk was able to move just fine when his lawyers claimed he cannot be moved for health reasons.

    For this reason, all court motions for a stay in the deportation of Nazi Demjanjuk should be immediately revoked and Nazi Demjanjuk should be immediately deported. An investigation is needed to determine if Nazi Demjanjuk's doctors and lawyers openly and knowingly lied to the U.S. federal courts, which is a felony. We clearly know Nazi Demjanjuk's family lied regarding his health so a perjury investigation is needed there as well.

    Nationally, Nazi Demjanjuk is known as Ivan the Terrible, but in the Cleveland media, where he lives, Nazi Demjanjuk is referred to as "accused" and "retired auto worker." In an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer dated Thursday, April 16, 2009, the concern was over the possible $30,000 bill taxpayers will have to pick up for the rescheduling of a private Gulfstream IV luxury jet to deport Nazi Demjanjuk to Germany because the flight was cancelled after yet another last minute appeal. In all the thirty plus years Nazi Demjanjuk has been in court, however, the Plain Dealer never said one word about the cost to taxpayers for every appeal, and Nazi Demjanjuk appealed everything.

    Nazi Demjanjuk has been a media darling in Cleveland, but not anywhere else, so I have to wonder why the Cleveland media needed almost three weeks to release the video showing Nazi Demjanjuk walking on his own. The Demjanjuk family and their spokespeople are regulars in the Cleveland media, but rarely do they have on an expert from the Jewish community; in this case I would be that person since I have been running the protests, have been speaking about the case and writing countless articles. While I do appear in the national media from time to time, the reason I am not on national programs for this case is simple - there are no debates for me to take part in because as stated, nationally, Demjanjuk is known as a Nazi and there is no debate. The Cleveland media, however, rarely airs a point of view contrary to the family of Nazi Demjanjuk.

    As I stated, I have no problems with appeals, but what we are seeing is abuse of appeals to the point where the totality of court filings has itself become the basis for other appeals, and now we have false filings by Demjanjuk's lawyers with the health claims. The Department of Justice agrees with my conclusion about delays, and as a result, Monday April 20, 2009, the DOJ filed a motion asking the U.S. courts to drop all stay requests, stating those filings are just delay tactics. Now, the DOJ has to make a new filing based on the new video showing Nazi Demjanjuk walking just fine despite the false claims, and that his family, lawyers and doctors may all conspired in obstruction of justice with their delay tactics. The video clearly negates the most current claim by the Demjanjuk family are that their Nazi patriarch has back pain and other ailments which should prevent him from being deported; they also requested a complete reopening of the case, yet again.

    Nazi Demjanjuk has outdone the tale of the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf to the point where nobody in the world should believe any of his delay tactics anymore, not that they ever should have. Nazi Demjanjuk has been identified in U.S. and Israeli courts as the evil sadistic Nazi death camp guard who earned the title "Ivan the Terrible", not "Ivan the Fluffy Bunny" as he wants you to believe. While the Nazi's family claims he was acquitted in Israel, nothing could be further from the truth. Nazi Demjanjuk was released from Israel after his conviction over a legal technicality in his sentencing, but the conviction was never overturned. (See: Call Him Ivan the Terrible)

    So, when you hear claims by the Nazi and his family that he is innocent and too frail to travel to stand trial, just ask yourself one question - did Nazi Demjanjuk give any such consideration to his victims? The answer can be found in his action - Nazi Demjanjuk took so much joy in murdering Jews that he was promoted to Treblinka because he was so sadistic; he was the perfect animal to murder children, which Treblika was specifically designed and built for. Pure evil on earth, which Nazi Demjanjuk is, deserves no special consideration, no matter how many times he cries wolf.

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