Boycott Watch
August 29, 2004
Op-Ed Bush and Kerry are both wrong:
527's are democracy in action
By Fred Taub
Boycott Watch
    We have all heard the complaints by the President Bush and Senator Kerry objecting to the advertisements by and the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Regardless if the ads are factual or not, people being able to speak their mind and say what they want to say is the basis for the founding of this country, and that should not be tampered with.

   In this country, we enjoy freedom of speech and we have used our military, including in Viet Nam and Iraq, to allow others to speak freely, but our national leadership is now against freedom of speech during political campaigns. Congress passed a law assisting candidates who want to control every word spoken during their campaigns. It is not, however, up to politicians and political candidates to determine who can speak and what they can or can not say - it is up to the people; and it is up to the people to decide what is and is not the truth.

   Freedom of speech sometimes means that you will hear things you don't like, even comments about yourself. Political candidates, especially presidential candidates, should be keenly aware of this. Silencing individuals, regardless of how they are organized, is un-American. If a candidate feels he or she is being lied about, they should defend those charges. It is the job of the media and organizations such as Boycott Watch to cut through the muck for the public and get to the truth, but it is ultimately the public's job to determine what is and what is not the truth, and then vote accordingly.

   Kerry and Bush have both taken oaths to protect and defend the constitution of the United States. By trying to silence and the Swift Boat Veterans, both Bush and Kerry are attempting to violate the people's rights to freedom of speech, your right to hear it, and their oaths of office. Boycott Watch urges both candidates to respect freedom of speech, and to respect their oaths of office.

   527's were created by politicians to protect themselves during elections. The problem is that 527's do not protect individual citizens, both in our right of freedom of speech and to organize to execute our freedom of speech. We need to get rid of 527's altogether, and once again allow unrestricted freedom of speech.

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