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Boycott Watch 2002 Persian Gulf Oil Import Report
   Summary: Since the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks on September 11, 2001 there have been many calls for the boycotting of oil from Arab countries and particularly the Persian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia and Iraq. There have been conflicting reports about how much oil which gasoline retailer purchases from the Persian Gulf.
   Boycott Watch reviewed the US Department of Energy 2001 report of imported oil from the Persian Gulf. This report includes producers of non-gasoline petroleum products. We combined numbers where mergers occurred, and we encourage our readers to look at the source material from the DOE. Click here for the DOE source document. Boycott Watch also examined the web sites of each company and listed brands where possible.
Crude Oil Imports From Persian Gulf 2001
From the US department of Energy - Listed by retail brands when available - Merged companies have been combined into their single current company - Click here for the source document
Click here for monthly Oil Imports by company
Shell 206976
Valero (Valero, Shamrock, Diamond Shamrock, Corner Stores, Stop N Go, Total, Ultramar & Beacon) 148588
Chevron and Texaco 140463
Exxon Mobile 128423
Marathon Ashland 109433
BP Amoco 42901
Tosco Petro (Phillips 76, Tosco, 76, Circle K, Kendall Motor Oil and Conoco) 31868
Flint Hills Resources (Formerly Koch Petro) Arctic Diesel, Performance Gold Diesel, and Performance Gold Plus, U.S. Soy Diesel, U.S. Soy Plus Blue Planet, Holiday StationStores (MN & WI) 28388
Arco (Arco, AM-PM) 18950
Citgo 18512
Fina Oil & CHEM CO (ATOFINA Petrochemicals ) 15034
Premcor (independent refiners - fuels are unbranded) 13768
Lion Oil ( 12291
TPI Petro 11103
Coastal Corp 9644
Murphy Oil USA 6594
Port Arthur Coker 6321
Hunt Crude Oil Supply (Based in US with oil some exploration in Yamen) 4883
Bayoil USA 3510
Ultramar Inc 2741
Conoco 1572
Orion Refining 1404
Tesoro 918
US Oil & Refining 99
Vitol S A INC 50
TOTAL 964434
Persian Gulf includes = Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates
Part 2 - Percentages of imported oil verses domestic production by company to be posted soon
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