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December 3, 2006
Wal-Mart Sales Down Due To Boycott By
Religious Groups Over Gay Alliance
Summary: As previously reported by Boycott Watch, businesses which build political alliances can hurt their own sales, thus their profits.
   We have seen it with Ford, and now with Wal-Mart. Building a political alliance with a gay organization will hurt business when religious organizations find out and enact boycotts. While gay organizations have a strong lobby and consumer clout, religious organizations appear to be a stronger economic force as evidenced when Ford (Here) was boycotted for placing ads in gay publications. Although Ford no longer has ads gay publications, the boycott lingers on.

   Last week, Wal-Mart announced lower sales thus lower profits; this after a boycott was enacted by religious groups in response to Wal-Mart building an alliance with an organization promoting gay marriage (Here). One would have thought Wal-Mart would have learned from the lessons in the Ford case. Ford in clearly hurting financially, and Wal-Mart, which has seen rising sales for years, is now seeing a sales decline.

   How long the sales decline will last is a mater of speculation, but if it persists through this years Christmas retail season, it could be harmful to Wal-Mart's year-end books, translating to lower stock prices as well.

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