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March 11, 2004
Confirmed: International Olympic Committee
Shows Bias Against Israel
   Summary: Can the International Olympic Committee accomplish its true goals while fostering bias?
    An email is circulating with snapshots of the official Athens 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games web site claiming Palestine is listed as a country with its capital as Jerusalem, and Israel is listed as having its capital being Tel-Aviv, thus sparking a bias complaint.

   Boycott Watch has investigated the claims and discovered that the web site in question is in fact the official web site of the Athens 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and that the information claimed is in fact what was displayed on the web site.

   The email claims that people have protested the listing. As of today, March 11, 2004, the listings have changed removing all capital city information for Israel and correcting the official languages of Israel to Hebrew and Arabic as stated in the circulating email. Additionally, as of today all general information about Palestine has been removed, thus no capital city or other information is listed.

   The protests are apparently having an effect - information on the web site has changed and appears to be in the process of more changes. The only question remaining is if the International Olympic Committee will accept the following facts in their future postings and updates to their Athens 2004 web site: 1) Israel considers it's capital to be Jerusalem and it is the actual location of Israel's seat of government. Since every country has a right to declare what its own capital city is, Jerusalem is in fact Israel's capital. 2) There is no official country called Palestine, and therefore no capital city can be declared for a country that does not exist.

   Boycott Watch deals in facts, not political correctness or posturing. The International Olympic Committee and those behind the Athens 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games web site can not simply change any information about any country or entity based upon personal feelings. The facts remain facts, and by clearly displaying their bias, the International Olympic Committee, which is overall responsible for the Athens 2004 web site, is violating the very basis of the Olympics, which is to bring together the people and countries of the world in friendly athletic competition and to foster peace between nations. By violating its own principals, the Olympics will become a forum to foster hate, not peace.
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