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August 3, 2006
Miami Vice Movie Boycott
Summary: T-Shirt linking Israeli Army to drug dealers sparks boycott
    On July 24th, 2006, conservative commentator Debbie Schlussel published an article about the new Miami Vice movie and a drug-dealer character wearing an 'Israel Defense Forces' t-shirt, and she called for a boycott of the movie. In her article, Debbie Schlussel stated:

   "It's a quick scene and a minor detail, but I noticed it big-time. And the placement of the IDF T-shirt was deliberateand noticeable. Not to mention, GRATUITOUS! So, just how many Israeli soldiers wearing Tzahal/IDF shirts do you know? We don't know any either. And we've never read a single news report that there are any. At a time when Israeli soldiers are being held captive by Islamic terrorist groups and fighting for the very survival of Israel against these subhumans, it's hardly the time for a trashy '80s remake to defame them as drug dealers. In fact, it's never the time for that.

   "But don't tell that to the anti-Israel, PC phonies who run Hollywood. Show them in another way: BY BOYCOTTING "MIAMI VICE." Shame on Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx for allowing this propaganda."

   Boycott Watch called director Michael Mann for a comment and spoke to his agent, who not only passed along our message, but responded to our request and asked us for direct contact information for that day, thus implying an immanent interview, but Mr. Mann never called to have his side of the story told. As director, Mr. Mann has full control over the content of his movie, and is also therefore responsible for the final movie produced. A boycott call against his movie will impact his bottom line, so it is in his best interest to reply so we can post both sides if the story.

   Boycott Watch speaks to corporate presidents and government officials all the time, so we were surprised when we did not get a phone call back, but we waited almost two weeks for Mr. Mann's return call, thus trying to be as fair as possible, but we can not force anyone to comment. If Mr. Mann would like to comment, we will update out article. In the man time, you can decide for yourself what Mr. Mann's silence means.

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