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July 3, 2006
O'Reilly threatens boycott of Mexico
Summary:Boycott Watch asks: Is declaring a boycott necessary?
    In the "Talking Points" memo segment of his June 30, 2006 show, Fox News Analyst/commentator Bill O'Reilly threatened a boycott of Mexico if Mexico follows through with its new threat of filling law suits if any illegal Mexican alien are detained by US National Guards troops on the US-Mexico border.

   Considering that Mexican officials have been reported to assist Mexican citizens illegally cross into the US, that a major element of Mexico's economy comes from illegal aliens in the US and the number of Mexican flags being displayed at Mexican boycott rallies in the US, many American are fed up with what they see on TV and are probably not going to Mexico for vacation as a result anyhow, so Boycott Watch asks if such boycott actions really need to be declared when an undeclared boycott probably already exists.

   Furthermore, Mexico threatening law suits against the US for enforcing its own laws is insulting to say the least, and such actions would result in a widespread boycott of Mexico regardless if O'Reilly or anyone else declares a boycott or not. Polls show that at least 50% of Americans are fed up with Mexicans crossing the border illegally, and therefore probably won't be spending their money vacationing in Mexico.

   Rather than alienating the American public, Mexico's President Fox needs to solve his own internal economic problems rather than export people to the US while the US is still willing to work with Mexico to resolve this crisis. Lawsuits will pose an instant strain on the relationship the US is working hard to keep cordial. Good neighbors do not take each other to court, and the option of ruining a friendship is in Mexico's hands.

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