Boycott Watch
April 30, 2006
Boycott Watch responds to an email from a supporter of
the 'Great American Boycott of 2006'
   Boycott Watch receives many emails, and decided to respond to this one publicly because it typified and covered all the points made by other people on this topic, and all in one concise email. We responded in kind.

Readers email:

   My comment about The Great American Boycott is that a lot of people just don`t get it.Or simply they don`t want to understand.This Boycott,is not intended to hurt the american economy or to grant illegal immigrants amnesty.The reason of this boycott is to show how much the americans people need the cotribution that these immigrants bring to this country and also to stop discrimination against all Latinos in general...By the way,I am an american sitizen. I was born in Puerto Rico.And I feel the discriminetion toward my person many times averydays.Just,for the fact that I look Hispanic..Since 1938 every person born in Puerto Rico is an american citizen.I dearly love this country.To the extream that I will Die defending it.My father as well as three uncles went to Korea to fight for this country,and I will do the same if I have to.But This Abuse Have To Stop.

Miguel Rodriguez
Woodbridge, VA

Boycott Watch reply:

Mr. Rodriguez,

   First, boycotts are not waged out of love for the boycott target. Second, You stated "..people need the cotribution that these immigrants." We are not talking about immigrants. Immigration is a process defined by law, and the issue is about people who acted outside the law. Third, it is not a mater of discrimination. Law breakers do not get special privileges. Fourth, and the point of the article, this boycott is only going to hurt the very people who they intend to help. Boycott Watch was the first to say it, and our article explains the facts.

Fred Taub
President, Boycott Watch

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