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Original: July 26, 2006
Updated: July 31, 2006 'Israel Megaphone' Site Fixed After Boycott Watch Urging:
Scam Alert Removed - Site is legitimate.
Summary: Boycott Watch Scam Alert results in change and disclosure - BW now says the site is safe.
   Boycott Watch recently reported that the website is a scam because there was no way to tell who the site sponsors are because there was no 'about' page or any other information about the site sponsors or contacts. As such, the seemingly pro-Israel site could have been sponsored by any organization, even Hamas. Boycott Watch has stated in several reports that people should not participate in any Internet or website activity if they do not know who the sponsors are because just like an unsigned check, an unsigned website or email is worthless.

   Our report created a major stir in Israel and among Israel supporters around the world who liked what the site offered. Although Boycott Watch was unable to make any initial contacts to organizers because the site originally had no available contact information, Boycott Watch was contacted by Israeli officials and the heads of Jewish organizations supporting the project, including Amir Gissin, the director of the Public Affairs Division at the Israeli Foreign Ministry to inform us that the site is in fact legitimate.

   At the urging of Boycott Watch, now has an 'about' page posted that contains contact and sponsorship information that we were able to confirm as legitimate. The site also modified its User License Agreement to clarify that it is anti-spam, also at the urging of Boycott Watch. As such, Boycott Watch retracts our scam alert, as we now know for a fact the site is legitimate. Boycott Watch applauds the creators and sponsors of the website for correcting the website design error, and we now believe the lack of a contact page was just an oversight. We at Boycott Watch understand the power of a false email or report, and we urge people who have read and passed along our original report to pass along this one as well to correct the good name and intent of the www.giyus.orgwebsite.

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