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May 6, 2005
Gay Groups Complain About Car Ads Again
    Boycott Watch recently reported about gay groups boycotting advertisers because ads were pulled from gay publications, possibly with the attitude that somehow the ads are owed to their publications forever once placed, and how religious groups are turning up the pressure against the advertisers placing ads in gay publications.

   Nationally syndicated columnist Debbie Schlussel reports a different complaint by gay groups, this one against ad contents, specifically the Chrysler ads featuring a fairy that zaps everything in sight to make it better, but is unable to improve the car, implying the car is already perfect. Apparently, gay groups are taking offense at the fairy because in their eyes, the term 'fairy' is only derogatory term toward them, thus not acceptable even in its historic context - the tooth fairy is not gay.

   Debbie Shlussel summed it up best: "This raises these questions: Are all fairies gay? Even though the word is often used as a derogatory term for gays, probably not. If so, someone ought to tell Disney and children's authors, so they can censor them out of kids movies and books."

   Boycott Watch was quoted in the April 2006 edition of Corporate Council magazine in an article by David Hechler edition on this same topic stating that boycotts emanating from corporate ads in gay publications are a hot button issue. Religious groups such as the American Family Association are working to counter the gay boycotts and vice versa, thus a heated battle is brewing.

   In the mean time, the American Family Association has ended its boycott of Disney saying "Disney seemed to become more cognizant of how it had hurt its family-friendly image among many Christians." AFA believes it has made its point regarding the Disney boycott and is pleased that Disney has made strides toward once again becoming family-friendly.

   Who will win? Only time will tell, but religious organizations have a stronger history of winning when their side takes a family-oriented stance, such as when Wal-Mart caved within 24 hours to demands of the Catholic League over not saying Merry Christmas compounded by a Wal-Mart Customer Service Representative insulting Christmas itself.

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