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January 28, 2007
American Power Conversion (APC) Goes French?
Summary: Paris-based Schneider Electric to buy APC - If the deal goes through, will the company change their name or will the name mislead the public?
    When the boycott of French products started in 2003, Boycott Watch not only began monitoring and reporting on it, but was the only site to confirm reports sent over the Internet to actually determine what companies are or are not in fact French (Article Here). Some people did not read our reports and accused us of being boycotters, probably because they were not expecting anybody to actually hold boycotters accountable as we do, including the German Magazine Der Spiegel, which we forced to correct their erroneous article about us (Article Here).

   Boycott Watch was sent an email from a reader in Poughkeepsie, New York telling us that American Power Conversion (APC), a company which makes batter backup systems for computers, should be added to our French products boycott list.

   We have long since stopped updating that list, primarily because people stopped sending us lists of boycotted companies to verify. As such, we consider that boycott to be over. We do, however, have a new question in this matter: If the deal goes through (read the announcement here), will the company change its name to French Power Conversion Company (FPC)? While their APC name is very well known, Boycott Watch asks the question because otherwise the name may be misleading to American consumers.

   In this case, we did not ask APC for specifics because announcements of name changes would only be made when and if that happens. Boycott Watch will monitor and report further in this matter.

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