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June 11, 2004
New Twist to French Boycott - verified by Boycott Watch Readers
Summary: Is there a military contract to a French company to feed our Marines? Boycott Watch readers proved it is.
   The following was our original report, and you, our readers, proved it true. Click Here to read our follow-up article.

   The French products boycott has been circulating for a long time, and a new element recently added to it has raised some questions. The new email shows pictures of D-Day cemeteries in France, lists French products and companies to boycott, and contains a new claim as follows:

   "Lastly, a French compay was awarded a $700 million plus contract to operate the 55 mess halls of our US Marine facilities. Call your congressman and ask that this be rescinded regardless of the cost. This is an absolute insult to our Marines."

   Boycott Watch has attempted to verify if this information is correct, but has been unable to. As a result, Boycott Watch has some serious questions about it. First, we checked the Congressional web site, and found no bills regarding mess halls.

   Second, no specific contract is mentioned in the email. One would think that if the writer was familiar with such a contract, familiar enough to write about it, there would have been a contract/project name or number presented in the email, as such identification exists with all government contracts and is needed for Congress to take action, as the writer requests. There are thousands of contracts and purchases being negotiated at any one time, so without knowing the name or some other specific information about the contract mentioned, there is no way to figure out which contract is being referred to.

   Third, there is also no mention of where geographically the mess halls are to figure out what is being discussed. Fourth, if the mess halls mentioned are on US bases, US Citizens living near the bases are most likely operating the mess halls. If these mess halls are in oversees bases, there may not be American companies available to fulfill the contracts. There are many questions to ask before we can make a determination as to if the claim is legitimate and why. If the mess hall claim is true, what is the name of the company that was awarded the contract and what is the contract number?

   In essence, there is not enough information presented for anyone, especially Congress, to act upon this. Without more information this just can't be looked into. Whoever originated this email, therefore, may have made the claim up. If the author had more information, why wasn't it included? There is significantly more information in the email about other factors, so why is there so little about the mess hall charge which is the focus of the email? Boycott Watch suspects the mess hall contract was created just to get people riled up. Boycott Watch is calling the mess hall story suspect and most probably false information until it can be proved otherwise. If you have more information, please forward it to us.

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