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June 28, 2004
World Net Daily: Boycott Chinese fireworks
   Summary: Would you intentionally buy products made with slave labor celebrate freedom?
    Jseph Farah of World News Daily has called for a boycott of Chinese fireworks every year for the past 3 years, but it's not about the accidents that we hear about every year on the local news.

   Are the accidents tragic? sure, but as Chris Manuchi of Metro General Hospital's Life Flight in Cleveland, Ohio summed it up, "There are no accidents." Rather, as Manuchi states, these are all highly preventable acts that people commit out of stupidity.

   Farah's boycott is based on something a little closer to the meaning of July 4th - Freedom. According to Farah, the purchase of Chinese fireworks not only supports the oppressive government of China, but encourages the usage of political prisoners, exploited peasants and others who have no choice but to build the fireworks, and probably in unsafe conditions. In essence, by using Chinese fireworks, we are exploiting the slavery of others to celebrate our freedom. Ironic, isn't it.

   "Let's boycott Chinese fireworks. Let's say no to distributing Chinese-made fireworks in the U.S. Let's celebrate Independence Day by supporting independence and freedom throughout the world - including China" said Farah. "While we're at it, we ought to boycott Chinese-made goods in general. But that is getting more difficult all the time. It seems almost all the cheap goods being sold in retail outlets throughout the U.S. are made in China."
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