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June 27, 2005
Missing Girl in Aruba sparks boycott of the vacation island
Editors Note:Editors Note: In response to this article, the website in question added "Prayers for Natalee" t-shirts to their offerings, but have yet to return our phone call.
   The disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway has had a definite impact on tourism to Aruba - people are scared to visit the island in fear for their own safety and security. On at least one occasion, Aruban officials have pleaded to the general public to continue to visit their island which lives on tourism in response to a tourism drop off, and now even Aruban citizens are getting in on the act.

   Boycott Watch received an email from someone in Aruba bringing our attention to a website that has apparently made many people in Aruba upset - which features a counter for the number of days Natalee Holloway has been missing and offers t-shirts mocking the island and promoting a boycott of it. The author of the email to us has good intentions and wishes people would offer "Prayers for Natalee" t-shirts, as both Americans and Arubans are both praying for a happy ending to this sad story.

   We were unable to contact the sponsors of the 'To Hell With Aruba' website, so we will let it speak for itself and let you read the email from Aruba so you can decide for yourself what the truth is.

Boycott Aruba website:

---- Original Email from Aruba ----

Name: Caresse (Last name withheld by Boycott Watch to protect the innocent.)
Address: Aruba
City: Oranjestad
State: -- Select State --
phone_no: (Withheld by Boycott Watch to protect the innocent.)
Found_web_site_via:: Google

Dear Sirs,

   The website is out to boycot Aruba , while the telephone number featured on the site is answered by a machine, which underlines the very cowardly approach of these people.

   The site depicts our little island paradise in extremely insulting and destructive ways, while the Arubans are actually a people of friendly, healthy-fun-loving and peaceful people who welcome all who visit our sunny island with open arms and warm hospitality. The Aruban economy depends primordially on tourism and most Arubans get out of bed every single morning thinking of more creative ways to please and pamper all visitors.

   Our hearts bleed for the disappearance of Natalee, and the sorrow of her family is our own.

   Though I am well aware of the right of freedom of speech I also believe it is my responsibility to rightfully defend Aruba against such destructive and unfoundedly morbid attacks as posted primordially on the T-Shirts for sale on the abovementioned site, which does not lead to serve any other purpose but to try and cause damage.

   Right now the holders of this site are behaving like vultures; calculatingly circling above an extremely painful occurrence and exploiting it to serve their own ravenous convenience.

   Selling T-shirts with swearwords is hardly going to bring Natalee back, neither do we believe that the family members, who have shown to be very decent people would approve of this abusive approach in reference to their Natalee, who has by now become OUR Natelee too.

   The fact that they dare use the colors and details of our Flag in their offensive projections does really make their approach entirely unacceptable.

   I understand that you may have some influence in cleaning up information, which is harmful to others on the web. If this is the case, please consider taking action with the site in question.

   In any case, it would be nice to see them continue selling the T-shirt with text: "Prayers for Natalee"


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---- End Of Original Email from Aruba ----

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