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December 13, 2006
UPS Boycott of Jews - Boycott Called and Verified
Summary: UPS's official statement regarding a boycott called against them is both confusing and contradicts UPS spokesman's statements.
UPDATE: 12-20-06 - Click Here
   If you have a package you want to send to someone in Israel's Golan Heights area, one of the safest areas in Israel, forget about calling UPS, because they may claim it is too dangerous to deliver there, but they will deliver packages to Ramalah, the hotbed of Palestinian suicide bomb belt making and terrorist training. While tourists love to visit the Golan Heights wineries, not many people are picking Ramalah for their vacations.

   Debbie Schlussel broke the story that UPS is refusing to deliver packages to parts of Yehuda and Shomron, the proper names of the areas media likes to call the "West Bank." As such, Boycott Watch looked into the story and we are reporting our results, starting with an email based on Debbie Schlussel's article and thanking her:


UPS apparently has decided to make its own Mideast policy by refusing to deliver packages to Jewish areas in the West Bank and Golan Heights, but not Arab areas, even those run by terrorists. So, if you need to send a package to Israel, don't use UPS. See below. Thanks Debbie.


(Debbie Schlussel's story followed and is posted here.)

   To check this validity of the story, Boycott Watch contacted UPS and was assured no such boycott exists by UPS and that UPS delivers packages to all of Israel including Yehuda and Shomron. The UPS spokesman also stated that UPS uses contractors to deliver to more remote areas, a common practice by UPS in several countries, thus the Customer Service Representative had "erroneous information." Boycott Watch respects and understands that regardless of the color of the truck, i.e. a non-brown / non-UPS truck, as long as UPS is making sure all packages are delivered, they are in fact fulfilling the expected service level agreement with their customers. Despite UPS claims, we have received several reports from people who live in Yehuda and Shomron stating UPS is refusing to deliver packages to them.

   Boycott Watch requested more information and was sent the following official statement which raised more questions than it answered:

"UPS offers worldwide express service to and from Israel to both residential and business addresses and a domestic service within Israel through its authorized service contractor, O.P.S.I. International Handling Limited. Regrettably, information provided recently by UPS customer service representatives regarding UPS's service territory in Israel was incorrect, but this is currently being addressed.

"Through O.P.S.I., UPS covers 99% of the population in Israel outside the West Bank except for a few remote areas in the Golan Heights and the Negev Desert, where it would be cost prohibitive to provide service. Only remote areas in the West Bank with very low population density are not covered - on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides.

"In the West Bank, UPS's service reaches over 80% of the population and covers approximately 60% of the territory, including the Gush EtZion area. UPS's overall coverage area is on par with or even better than our competitors. All packages coming from abroad are delivered into all areas of Yehuda and Shomron, including Gush EtZion. Customers residing in this area do not have to go to Jerusalem to pick up their shipments.

"UPS does not tolerate any type of discrimination and would not associate with any parties who do not embrace UPS's concern for fairness and equality."

   Boycott Watch finds the statement from UPS to be confusing and we have requested a clarification, but at this point we have to report about what we were sent. At one point, the report first states UPS covers 80% of the population of the "West Bank" and then states "All packages coming from abroad are delivered into all areas of Yehuda and Shomron, including Gush EtZion." Since geographically Yehuda and Shomron are the areas commonly called the "West Bank" in the US media, the statement clearly contradicts itself. The UPS statement also contradicts what we were told by the UPS representative, which is that all areas are covered either directly by UPS or by a contractor.

   It looks, therefore, as if UPS or its contractor is dividing Israel package delivery by political zones related to political lines, and it is also possible that a contractor is specifically involved is furthering that delineation, with or without the blessing of UPS corporate headquarters. What is important to note is that package delivery appears to be specifically denied to Jews who live in Yehuda and Shomron, areas which are biblically named as such, by people who are against the right of Jews to live there. This is speculation, of course, but the preponderance of evidence indicated the political explanation.

   Regardless if it was either UPS or its contractor that engaged the business in politics, UPS is responsible for all business activities operating under its name just as an army general is responsible for his subordinates. UPS appears to be engaged in politics, something Boycott Watch has criticized other companies for doing, and needs to take action to end the problem it now faces.

   In the mean time, Boycott Watch is confused by what we have read from UPS thus far. As such, we must conclude that the initial report by Debbie Schlussel has merit. We told UPS that we will update this report as information becomes available.

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