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July 23, 2004
Boycott Watch: Help Save Stuart
Summary: An email is circulating requesting help in saving a life - BW confirmed the emails validity and how you can help.
Update July 24, 2004 - Boycott Watch donated a web site to the cause - Please visit
   The following email is circulating, but since we have read many such emails with no way of confirm the status of the person in need over time, Boycott Watch has decided to help by letting people know this is legitimate, and we ask that you help. The letter is from a loving wife, and we can not say it any better, so we are going to leave the email as is, and ask that you take action.

Please Save His Life
   My husband, Stuart Zimmer, is dying from kidney failure. We have three children: ages 4, 2 and 5 months. Stuart is suffering on dialysis and his doctors are unable to control his blood pressure, which is high enough to cause a stroke or worse. He is only 35 and otherwise fit & healthy. He desperately needs a kidney transplant to stay alive. So far, 30 friends, family and total strangers have been tested, but none were compatible. Since he had a previous surgery and blood transfusions, he is highly sensitized and difficult to match.

   Now, I am taking my appeal across the U.S. in hopes of getting a match for Stuart. I pray someone will read this and understand. Every day, 12 people die waiting for a donor. I don't want my precious husband to become a statistic
   If you or anyone you know would consider being tested as a potential donor, call Columbia Presbyterian Hospital at 212-305-6469 and ask for Joan Kelly. You can also reach her at The test is simple and free. If you do not hear back soon, call me. Often they are very busy, and don't get back to people as quickly as we would like. You can also email me:

   Compatible donors should be between 18 and 65, in good health and have Type B or O blood. If you have high blood pressure, a blood disease or diabetes, you cannot donate. The donor's surgery is now very simple and laparoscopic. The donor is hospitalized for 2-3 days, with only a small "bikini line" incision. Most donors are back to work within a week with no dietary or lifestyle restrictions. There is no cost to the donor. You can live a long, healthy life with just one kidney! In fact, many people are born with just one.

   Please share this with friends, family and colleagues. With the right transplant, Stuart will have many more years to enjoy our babies and lead a full, productive life. In the meantime, please pray for everyone awaiting vital organs to live.

   Thank you with all my heart for reading this. Please contact me with any questions.

God bless you,
Jennifer Zimmer
H (201) 825-9388
C (201) 388-6289

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