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January 24, 2007
Email titled "Microwaved Water - See What It Does To Plants" is false.
Summary: Don't believe every email you read
    An email is circulating about the dangers of microwaved water on plants with an accompanying PDF. The email claims a school experiment showed that giving microwaved water to a plant causes it to die. The email also contains a list of other harmful effects of microwaved food, all based on the conclusions of the one false experiment.

   The problem here is that the experiment was not done scientifically, and no scientific evidence exists to prove this theory. Additionally, we were unable to confirm any of the information of the so-called scientists who were involved with the simple grade school experiment. Furthermore, the conclusions about other effects of microwaved water are also unsubstantiated.

The document in question claims to be:
Prepared By: William P. Kopp
A. R. E. C. Research Operations TO61-7R10/10-77F05

yet, the document does not give any indication of location or scientific proof. It only looks at one single non-scientific school project and draws several conclusions without any evidence.

   In closing, non-scientific experiments as well as experiments that can not be documented are not ever causes for alarm and should be ignored.

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