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December 30, 2007
Kucinich Inspired Boycott of Pizza Hut Backfires
Summary: If you stand by your man, then stand by your man.
    Pizza Hut recently launched an ad campaign capitalizing on the current Presidential primary campaign, and the ad has upset supporters of Dennis Kucinich's candidacy for President, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

   At issue is a Pizza Hut ad that combines quotes from several presidential candidates, and specifically a debate comment by Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) where he said he saw an actual UFO. After the comment was made in a debate, the Kucinich team quickly tried to minimize it, and now Kucinich supporters have called for a boycott of Pizza hut for using the Kucinich quote.

   Kucinich, while Mayor of Cleveland, brought shame to the city by putting Cleveland in financial default. Critics at the time called him the "boy Mayor" and Kucinich barely escaped a 1978 recall election only to finish his term in disgrace. The battle at hand was if Cleveland should retain ownership of Muni-Power, a small electric power utility, or sell it to the areas much larger regional electric utility company. Kucinich and his supporters claim that retaining ownership of Muni-Power has proven to be a good choice for Cleveland in the long run.

   A few years later, Mary Rose OaKar (D-OH) left Congress in disgrace after being caught up in the Dan Rostenkowski (D-IL) Congressional post-office scandal, and hand picked Kucinich to replace her. Kucinich ran for office and won the primary in the strongly Democrat district, assuring him an easy run in the general election. Despite his colorful career, Kucinich has remained in Congress mainly because there has been no significant Democrat challenger in the primaries for the seat he holds. After making even more colorful comments than even recently, qualified candidates, both Republican and Democrat have announced they will challenge Kucinich in the 2008 election.

   In the mean time, despite only receiving 1% support in the last presidential election cycle, Kucinich is running for the presidency again. Some of his supports have taken exception to the Pizza Hut ad because it reminds people of one of Kucinich's most colorful statements ever when he said he saw a UFO. The boycott calls in this case have brought more attention to the Pizza Hut ad and Kucinich's UFO sighting than to Kucinich as a potentially viable candidate. As such, this boycott call against Pizza Hut is backfiring by bringing more attention to the "Pizza Mia" ad.

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