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July 13, 2004
Boycott Heinz Products?
The political season is in full bloom
   It was bound to happen. A group is calling for a boycott of all Heinz products because Sen. John Kerry is married to the heiress of the Heinz Catsup fortune. This begs the question: will people actually boycott a product they like because of the relationship to a political candidate? Would politics change your eating habits?

   There are Boycott Bush web sites, but President Bush's family is not selling anything that anyone can say is directly made by the Bush family. Can you point to a gallon of gasoline and say Bush made it? No. You can't. The Boycott Bush web sites all call for secondary boycotts of companies that the authors somehow feel is associated to President Bush. These secondary boycotts against Bush would be like boycotting jelly beans because President Reagan liked them even though he did not own any jelly bean companies.

   There is not much more we can say about it - You decide.
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