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July 24, 2006
"Interdependence Day": The Boycotting of Freedom
Summary: Radical groups attempt to redefining Americas celebrations of Freedom and the honoring of those who gave their lives for this great nation.
    It was a beautiful US Independence Day Celebration on the fourth of July, and I was celebrating this great country's independence, waiting for the fireworks show to start when I overheard two high school girls talking while standing in line. It is not that I was eavesdropping, but one comment caught my immediate attention. One girl said "Interdependence day," a statement got my immediate attention, as well as confusion. Could I have just heard a politically correct version of Independence Day? Did I hear that right?

   The girl's friend asked the obvious question: "What is Interdependence Day?" to which was replied "In school, we have to celebrate that the Saturday before Independence Day." That was all I heard, but it was enough to make me curious, so I looked into this new holiday and what it meant.

   While the apparent official website calls it a "mission is to challenge the direction of the world's current choices to wage war, litigate or avoid conflict," Interdependence Day is actually celebrated very differently and attracts people who have the intent to celebrate anything but America's independence.

   An example of this can be found in an article on the Inside Bay Area website which states "Further, a mind-boggling amount of money is dedicated to our country's defense, while living and breathing people are in need of adequate education, a living wage and healthy food. So this year, as the Fourth of July approaches, I propose we celebrate Interdependence Day rather than Independence Day."

   Whether by design or not, the Interdependence Day concept is being used as a way to replace the celebration of America's Independence Day. This day floats on the calendar. While celebrated just days before Independence day as a way to minimize this great country's independence, it is now listed as celebrated on September 12th, no doubt to also curtail the memorials of the horrors we suffered on September 11th, 2001 when people bent on destroying this great nation flew planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the fourth plane that was bravely brought down by Americans who refused to be used as weapon against other Americans.

   Interdependence Day is the boycotting of the celebration of freedom and all things that makes this country great.

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