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August 15, 2006
US Soldier Shoots An HP Printer Out Of Frustration - HP Sends A New Printer
Summary: HP went above and beyond the call of duty

   At Boycott Watch, we have often shown how bad customer service may result in boycotts, especially when companies do not respond to a customer's needs. A video is now circulating that exemplifies this. A US Soldier fighting the war on terrorism in Iraq was frustrated by how he was unable to get technical support to make his command-post tent printer work, and how he was frustrated because HP wanted to charge him for support.

   On Thursday August 3rd, 2006, Boycott Watch posted our story about this which included the video, which we have since removed, and we commented about how HP replied to our inquiry into this matter with a canned statement which we felt was unsatisfactory at best. Our report resulted in an email from an HP employee who wished to remain anonymous, and we respect such wishes, presenting us evidence that HP replaced the out-of-warranty shot-up printer with a brand new one at no charge.

   As such, Boycott Watch is updating our story. We applaud HP for going above and beyond the call of duty by replacing the printer, something HP did not have to do because the printer was not only out of warranty, but was shot to death, thus voiding any warranty, period. HP was under no obligation to take any actions, but they did. More businesses should follow HP's example.

   While the US Armed Forces are completely capable of purchasing a printer on their own, HP has demonstrated their support and respect for our troops, and we thank HP for their efforts to resolve this matter.

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