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Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Hey Cleveland: Good PR Starts With Basic Penmanship
Editorial by Fred Taub,
President, Boycott Watch

   Do you see anything wrong with this photo? If not, perhaps you should go back to first grade where you learned how to write letters and numbers, and please take all the City of Cleveland employees with you, including Cleveland's Mayor Frank Jackson.

Cleveland and the first grade   This city vehicle (Click photo to enlarge) was spotted in downtown Cleveland today. Frankly, pun intended, the car should never have been allowed to be on the road with an upside-down number eight on the trunk.

   While the City of Cleveland is working on improving its image nationally in an effort to attract conventions, perhaps they should start with remedial first grade education for all city employees, as it took this visitor to spot the problem. Perhaps this would be a good usage of the revenue Cleveland receives from the red-light cameras they installed to replace police officers, who along with fire fighters and paramedics are probably among the most literate city employees yet keep getting their staffs and budgets curtailed. To borrow a movie title, Welcome to Collinwood.

   Closing Note: I considered calling the city to let them know, but considering how stupid and blatantly obvious this is yet knowing it still passed inspections for who knows how long, I highly doubt a single such a phone call would do any good. So, call the Mayors office at 216-664-2220 and let us know what they say.


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