Boycott Watch
December 7, 2003
Boycott Watch mentioned again in a case briefing to the
Supreme Court of the United States
   Boycott Watch was once again mentioned in a briefing before the Supreme Court of the United States by the Pacific Legal Foundation, which filed an Amicus Curiae Brief in the case Federal Elections Commission V. Christine Beaumont case.

   The brief is regarding questions about the prohibitions of corporations and labor unions to make campaign contributions and the First Amendment to the Constitution as applied to a nonprofit corporation primarily engaged in political advocacy.

   Boycott Watch acknowledges that freedom of speech is vital to a free society, no matter where it comes from. Boycott Watch has not previously been in contact with the Pacific Legal Foundation, and thanks them for mentioning Boycott Watch in their briefing.

   Commenting on the briefing, Boycott Watch Executive Director Fred Taub, said "We are very pleased to see our work is one again recognized by the Pacific Legal Foundation, whose motto is 'Defending our Freedom, Preserving Our Liberties.' "

   Taub continued: "Boycott watch is a leading authority on consumer boycotts and will continue to use our First Amendment rights to champion the rights of consumers who wish to learn the full story from an unbiased source presenting both sides of the story. Our goal is to report the facts so consumers can decide for themselves what the truth is. The Pacific Legal Foundation mention of Boycott Watch in an Amicus Curiae briefing to the USSC a second time further establishes that Boycott Watch is not only a vital and highly respected organization and a vital consumer source, but a valued voice of freedom and democracy as well."
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